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Informed Consumers Make Better Decisions!
We strive to remove the mystery from collision repair, taking the time to educate the consumer about our repair processes and inform you of your rights and any compensation that may be due under your insurance contract. We make no effort or claim to offer legal advice, but rather share our own knowledge and experience and point the consumer toward information resources that will help prepare you to make sound decisions. Some facilities work directly with different insurance companies and therefore have restrictions imposed on how they repair vehicles.  Those facilities have to worry about pleasing the insurance companies and keeping within insurance limitations.

Our first and foremost concern is for our customer and returning their vehicle to pre-accident condition. We will negotiate an agreed amount with your insurance company. We will go to bat for you so don’t worry about any “hassle.” We will gladly make arrangements to have your vehicle towed, even from another shop, fronting any towing and storage charges due. We will also make arrangements to get you into a rental car. If necessary, we will travel to provide you with an estimate, as well as pick-up and deliver your vehicle back to you.
You were prepared by paying your premiums in case you had an accident. YOU are the consumer so read the info below to make sure you are an educated consumer!
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Custom Dupont Paint Jobs

Cadillac Escalade (Color Change)

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Dupont is a name recognized worldwide as a leader in paint and technology. For this reason, we use Dupont products exclusively from start to finish. They offer superior color matching, gloss and durability. Dupont stands behind each and every aspect of the refinishing process. New England Kustom & Collision has its own Dupont paint mixing system to insure color matching and quality control.


You are NOT obligated to have your vehicle repaired at a facility it was towed to after an accident.

You choose where to have your vehicle repaired, NOT your insurance company. (It is actually illegal for them to instruct you go to a certain shop.)

You do NOT need more than one estimate. (Many people still think that they need more than one estimate and that they must go with the lowest one.)

You do NOT have to accept the insurance company’s appraisal of damage. Check the appraisal clause in your policy on how to resolve any differences.


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